October 21, 2021

1. Meet The Marketing Team

Our marketing team is responsible for the entire Stephex Group from Stephex Stables to the STX Motorhomes and beyond. They are in charge of all marketing activities, including defining and managing our brand, conducting campaign management for marketing initiatives, producing marketing and promotional materials, creating content providing search engine optimization for our website, monitoring and managing social media, producing internal communications, serving as media liaison, conducting customer and market research, overseeing outside vendors and agencies, as well as participation in the events’ organisation and running. These are just a few of our marketing team’s tasks.

Essentially they play a key role in bringing in business, retaining it, and helping our company grow and achieve financial and organizational goals. 

Meet our small marketing family below!

Robyn Vey

Head of Marketing

Hi! My name is Robyn and my role is to manage the marketing team, campaign strategies, the overall marketing budget and more.

I joined Stephex at the end of 2020. Having originally studied architecture at UCL in London, I quickly realised that my passion lay elsewhere and I decided to pursue a career in marketing. This began in the yachting world, all the way to running the marketing for a successful deep-tech, blockchain start-up. I was pretty set on continuing to work in technology, as I very much enjoy being at the forefront of innovation and “the next big thing”. However, when the opportunity came up to join Stephex, I jumped at the chance to be involved in one of the world-leading equestrian companies. I myself am a showjumper and have a few horses. After briefly considering making riding my career – and a few serious injuries later, I realised I was better suited to the office.

I enjoy working for Stephex, as each day is different and there is always something new and interesting happening. We are given the freedom to experiment and grow as a team – and as individuals!

Veroniek Kindt

Creative Content Manager

Hi/Hello my name is… (your name and briefly describe your tasks)

I joined Stephex… (when you joined and a brief paragraph of what you did before)

I enjoy working for Stephex… (1 or 2 sentences explaining why you like to work here)

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