No fence is high enough!

Our Stephex Group is the world leader in the horsetrucks market. We are also very proud of our horses and their riders as they often place at the top of world rankings. This success was built on a dream. And we are still working on that very dream every single day.

Our sporting results have made our reputation and confirmed our company’s philosophy: we thrive for all-round excellence in order to achieve perfection in everything we do. Quality is the starting point and the motto of our group.
We would not have been able to achieve this dream without Stephan Conter, the founder and engine of the group. When you spend time with Stephan, you realize that anything is possible.

Corporate life is full of ups and downs. In 2008 our barn won an Olympic medal and this really launched the Stephex Group into global recognition. At that moment we felt that our dream had finally become a reality. We really felt like we were on the right path. And today nothing could stir us away from this path.


years of experience




vehicles built


continents - worldwide presence

The unknown is our playground.

the innovation,
our daily challenge.

We only buy exceptional horses. We take the time to discover them, we bring them into the world and we also make them available to other horse enthusiasts. This is actually what our entire life is about: we spend time prospecting, innovating, investing. We embrace the unknown. Innovating is our daily challenge. We break new ground every single day. We are where you least expect us to be. We constantly look for that very special horse that you won’t want to miss. For the next opportunity that needs to be seized. For the exciting new niche in the equestrian market.

Whether we are encouraging the best out of a warmblood or delivering unmatched technology in our STX, AKX or Ketterer brands… each time we really feel like it is a roll of the dice. And if luck seems to be on our side, it is more because of the Stephex Group’s core values than just our lucky star. Yes, the impossible is possible and there is no fence high enough. There are no problems, only solutions.


The Stephex headquarters are based just North of Brussels, in Meise, surrounded by the beautiful Stephex Stables facilities - landscaped gardens, bubbling fountains and natural lakes. A dynamic and international team run the daily business of the many Stephex Group branches. We firmly believe that a company is only as strong as its team and strive to maintain a working environment that all members can excel in. Modern, open-plan, collaborative desk spaces, daily fresh soup prepared by our incredible chef, Reggy, free fully-equipped onsite gym and so much more. When you join Stephex you join more than just a company, you join the Stephex family.

Are you interested in joining us?


Get to know us

    CONTER Stephan
    Chief Executive Officer

    VAN GUYSE Ellen
    Chief Operating Officer

    DE VLIEGER Vincent
    Chief Financial Officer

    VEY Robyn
    Chief Commercial Officer

    Head of Industry

    LIÉNARD Philippe
    Sales Executive

    Sales Director

    DE CEUSTER Liesl
    Personal Assistant to C.E.O.

    VERMEULEN Phillip
    Sales Manager STX Motorhomes

    ENGELS Dimitri
    Sales Representative Belgium

    DE MUYNCK Elisabeth
    Head of Accounting

    MASSON Michael
    Senior Financial Analyst

    Leasing Specialist

    DE RIDDER Beaue
    Leasing Specialist

    Financial Controller

    DRAGJOSHI Bujana

    Legal Counsel

    VANDERKELEN Amandine
    Reception & Administrative assistant

    SAUER Ada
    Marketing and Brand Manager Motorhomes

    GEERTS Laura
    Marketing and Brand Manager STX Horsetrucks

    DESMEDT Febe
    Junior Marketing and Brand Manager

    ERAUW Sofie
    HR Coordinator

    FISSER Julie
    Junior Event Manager

    VAN ASSCHE Filip
    Purchase & Sales representative

    LADJOUAN Farid
    Purchase & Sales representative

    DE MARTINI Alberto
    Purchase & Sales Representative

    SCHWIETERS Christoph
    Stables Manager


    COOMANS Lien
    Facility Manager

    DE COSTER Hendrik

    Service Director

    DE WITTE Hugo
    After-Sales Manager

    MOENS Anne
    Reception & Administration

    GOOSSENS Hilke
    Administration & Billing

    ZEKHNINI Najat
    Administration & Accounting Assistant

    DECORTE Gill
    Vehicle Delivery Operator

    Office Dogs

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