Aucun obstacle
n’est trop haut.

Stephex Group est le leader mondial du marché des poids lourds pour chevaux. Nous sommes également très fiers de nos chevaux et de leurs cavaliers, qui se placent régulièrement en tête des classements mondiaux. À la base de cette réussite se trouve un rêve. Un rêve que nous continuons à concrétiser chaque jour.

Nous devons notamment notre renommée à nos résultats sportifs, qui traduisent parfaitement la philosophie de notre entreprise : viser l’excellence en toute circonstance pour atteindre la perfection dans tout ce que nous entreprenons. Tout commence par la qualité, véritable alpha et oméga de notre groupe. Ce rêve n’aurait pas pu aboutir sans Stephan Conter, fondateur et moteur de Stephex Group. Il suffit de le côtoyer pour comprendre que rien n’est impossible.

La vie (d’entreprise) est une véritable montagne russe. Stephan Conter a vraiment commencé à faire parler de lui en 2008, lorsque son écurie a décroché une médaille olympique. Ce moment où notre rêve est enfin devenu réalité. Ce moment où nous avons su que la voie que nous empruntions, et que nous poursuivons aujourd’hui, était la bonne.

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continents - présence mondiale

L’inconnu est notre terrain de jeu.

notre défi quotidien.

Nous n’achetons pas de chevaux d’exception. Nous les découvrons, nous les aidons à venir au monde et les mettons à la disposition d’autres passionnés. C’est d’ailleurs le résumé de toute notre vie : nous prospectons, nous innovons, nous investissons. Nous sommes là où personne n’est encore allé. Nous sommes là où vous nous attendez le moins. À la recherche de ce cheval à ne pas manquer. De cette nouvelle opportunité à saisir. De cette nouvelle niche de notre marché.

Laisser s’exprimer tout le talent d’un cheval de sport, concocter un petit bijou d’innovation à l’instar de nos marques STX, AKX ou Ketterer... c’est à chaque fois un nouveau coup de dés. Et si la chance semble nous sourire, notre réussite tient bien moins du hasard que des valeurs qui font l’ADN de Stephex Group. Parce que oui, l’impossible devient possible. Oui, les obstacles sont faits pour être franchis. Et non, il n’y a pas de problème. Il n’y a que des solutions.

Nos offres d'emploi

Junior Accountant

Job content

You will integrate an established young, dynamic and ever-growing team that handles most aspects of the accounts of the companies of the Stephex Group under the supervision of the Head of Accounting and CFO.
You will handle an array of accounting duties spread over the different entities and different business lines of the group, i.e. :
– AP/AR accounting
– Acting as the main contact for invoices and payments, both internally and externally
– Providing extensive financial support

Candidate profile

Well-organized, analytical, critical and with a hands-on mindset
Independent with a proven sense of responsibility
Flexible and positive
Dutch is your mother tongue, you are fluent in English and also have a good working knowledge of French
Graduate or Bachelor in Accounting or relevant work experience in accounting
Just graduated and highly motivated? Don’t hesitate to apply too!

Job offer
Attractive compensation package
Full-time employment
Challenging opportunity
Opportunity to grow in an international environment

Are you excited about this opportunity?
Then apply online now by filling out the following form or send an e-mail to

Electrical Engineer


  • Support for manufacturing and testing activities for automotive products and
  • Performing documentation tasks (work instructions, measurement report)
  • Optimization of the electrical system currently used in cars
  • Keeping contact with foreign customers and partners (personal meetings or e-mail)
  • Preparation of electrical blueprints

Candidate profile

  • University Degree – Electrical engineering (Bsc/Msc)
  • English language skill (intermediate level or above)
  • CAE experience (CE-Plan, SW Electrical, 3D)
  • Thorough knowledge of control, low current equipment
  • Demonstrate a strong interest in the automotive sector
  • Experience in the automotive industry is a plus
  • Knowledge of MS Office applications
  • Self-sufficient, independent, quality-oriented personality
  • Team player mindset, excellent adaptability
  • A determined, proactive project approach

Job offer

  • Diverse work
  • Continuous professional development
  • Youthful work atmosphere and long-term career opportunities
  • Ongoing challenges thanks to unique products
  • Pleasant working environment
  • Long-term, stable job position

Are you excited about this opportunity?
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Manufacturing Engineer/Technician

All-Round Polyvalent Technician


You are responsible for the day-to-day repair and maintenance works at the various Stephex’s properties. This includes the following tasks:
– Managing and boosting electrical installations (e.g. installation and replacement of lighting equipment)
– Locating and repairing any defects,
– Maintenance of various installations (cleaning and replacing filters, heat pumps, etc.)

Candidate profile

You have acquired a strong technical expertise over the years or you have been properly trained on electrical installations.
You are a problem-solver, you can troubleshoot and work independently, you are reliable and take ownership in what you do. Knowledge of home automation and camera surveillance is a plus.
You have a driving license B.
You are driven, motivated, and enthusiastic. Knowledge of French is a plus.

Job offer

Stephex Group offers you a challenging position with various levels of responsibility.
Your involvement will contribute to our company’s growth. The work environment is dynamic and down-to-earth and there is a high level of enthusiasm among the staff.
Every workday is different and you will be working at a very unique location.
We offer a salary commensurate with your level of experience.
We prefer to hire full-time staff but a part-time schedule is negotiable.

Are you excited about this opportunity?
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Grooms & Flat Riders

Job content

Regular stable management duties including:
Turning out and bringing in, mucking out, feeding, watering and giving hay as needed, bandaging, tacking up, lunging, grooming, clipping and trimming, maintaining a clean environment at all times

Flat Rider
Normal stable duties
Riding (flat work)

Required Skills and Experience

Experience at FEI horse shows
Truck driving license is a plus

Flat Rider
Dressage skills
No jumping


Are you interested in joining one of the world’s leading trading stables?
Please do not hesitate to contact us and provide your experience in detail, here or by email to:
For riders, please send us videos of your flatwork. Serious inquiries only

Industrial Engineers

The Stephex Group is a family-owned company located in Meise, Belgium. In addition to our horse trading business, we are also very active in the automotive industry.
We are the market leaders in the construction of exclusive horse trucks, motorhomes and 2-horses trucks. Our extensive dealer network allows us to service customers all over Europe and beyond. Our company has an excellent reputation for high-quality, user-friendly designs that extend well beyond the Belgian borders. The production sites are based in Hungary.

Job content

We are currently seeking highly-motivated graduates with technical training and industrial engineers for our production site in Hungary. Together with the existing team, you will have the opportunity of expanding our business by optimizing and developing the production site.
We are looking for people who will be working at our engineering office. We currently have several job openings, namely for engineering designers, as well as professionals and experts in the construction, bodywork, air conditioning, electronics, and hydraulics/pneumatics fields.

Candidate profile

Ideally, you should :
– have a technical degree, industrial engineering degree, or equivalent relevant experience.
– show interest in engineering, drawing, and development.
– have a good knowledge of Autocad and/or SolidWorks and/or Inventor.
– demonstrate a strong interest in the automotive sector. Experience in the automotive industry is a plus.
–  be analytical, at ease with challenges, and a problem-solver.
– speak fluent English.
– be prepared to move to Hungary or live there during the week.

Job offer

This is a challenging job in a dynamic, ambitious company that offers a salary commensurate with experience.

Are you excited about this opportunity?
Then apply online now by filling out the following form or send an e-mail to


Qui sommes-nous?


  • CONTER Stephan
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • VAN GUYSE Ellen
  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • LIENARD Philippe
  • Chief Commercial Officer
  • DE KONINCK Stephan
  • Industrial Director


  • +32 2 269 88 75

Real Estate


Vehicles Sales

  • +32 2 269 88 75

Vehicle Service

  • +32 23 194 194
  • VERMEULEN Phillip
  • Service Director
  • SEYNHAEVE Olivier
  • Office Manager
  • DE BLOCK Stijn
  • Billing Advisor

Stables Sales

  • +32 2 269 88 75

Stables Service

  • -
  • Stables Administrative Assistant


  • +32 2 269 88 75


Marketing & Communication

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